Crossover Cable (10 Foot)

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    Crossover Cable (10 Foot)

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    If you goal is to have a ticketing station consisting of two computers running off of the same database, you have two possible solutions. You can either use a Crossover cable to connect them directly to one another or you can setup a network using a Router.  

    A Crossover cable looks almost identical to a standard network cable; however the wire configuration inside is slightly different and they are not interchangeable. A standard networking cable will allow you to connect multiple computers to a router or a modem while a Crossover cable is designed to create a peer to peer network where only two computers are directly connected to each other.  

    The advantage of using a Crossover cable over a router is that you don’t need an extra power source for the router and you will have fewer wires to worry about.

    Click here for instructions on how to set up a Peer to Peer Network using a Crossover Cable and how to create a LAN Network using a Router.