Student Round-up 4 Schools (Hosted)

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    Student Round-up 4 Schools (Hosted)

    Our Price: $199.00   

    Online Tracking of Students
    • Application is install on our server
    • We setup and manage the infrastructure
    • Custom link just for your school
    • Free updates (automatically)
    • Cost is annual with no long term contract
     Teachers / Administrators
    • User friendly and easy to learn interface
    • Scan student barcodes or type by hand 
    • Track student visits to your after school program
    • Tracking reports by teacher, subject, student and date
    • Any web Browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox or Safari)
    • Please allow up to 24 hours for your site to be setup


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    Round-up 4 Schools offers schools is an easy to use tracking system designed for an Academic Recovery Center. The concept behind the program is when students don’t finish their class work or homework; you put the missing assignment into a folder with a barcode on the outside of the folder. The folders are then sent to the main office where they are scanned in and sorted by the last period classroom. The software will determine the last period classroom to assist with the sorting process. At the end of the day students are picked up from their last period class and brought to a central location where they stay after school and finish their work. When they finish their assignment, the get scanned out and are free to go.  

    The application will track students and produce reports by teacher, subject, date and you can even sort by how many times a student have visited the recovery center. The application is great early intervention program to keep students from failing. 

     Please contact us for further details.


    Screen Shots
    Secure Login
    Log in Student Roundup 4 Schools software application
    Check Students In
    Screen Shot from roundup student application
    Report by Students
    Display a list of students to pickup from their last period class

    Report by Subject

    Display a list of students that have served

    Create Student / Teacher Barcodes

     Create a list of student and staff labels for folders