Supply Checkout 4 Schools (Hosted)

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    Supply Checkout 4 Schools (Hosted)

    Our Price: $199.95   

    Online Supply Checkout
    • Application is install on our server
    • We setup and manage the infrastructure
    • Custom link just for your school
    • Free updates (automatically)
    • Cost is annual with no long term contract
     Teachers / Administrators
    • User friendly and easy to learn interface
    • Scan supplies and student ID's with a barcode or by hand 
    • Track student that checkout supplies
    • Create reports by teacher, subject, student and status
    • Track student Fines
    • Any web Browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox or Safari)
    • Please allow up to 48 hours for your site to be setup


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    How it Works

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    video how to checkout supplies to students    
           Demo Software Online



    Supply Checkout 4 schools is a web based application that will allow schools to checkout books and other supplies to your students. This application can be used in a classroom, office, library or any location that has a computer and internet access.

     Please contact us for further details.


    Screen Shots
    Add Supplies
    Add Supplies to checkout supply application
    Check Out
    Checkout supplies to a staff member
    Track Student Fines
    Assign and track fines for supplies not returend or damaged

    Report by Staff Member

    Create reports by staff members

    Create Barcode Labels

     print and create barcode labels for supplies