Advantage (Bundle)

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    Advantage (Bundle)

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    Do it all with Advantage 4 Schools

    The Advantage bundle provides a suite of tools to support student engagement and promote a positive school culture. The ticketing module allows you to sell tickets to events, track attendance and log spirit points. Voting will manage your school elections and surveys. Store will give you the ability to track and sell products to students both in person as well as online with the web store. Students can also redeem spirit points for participating in school events. Announcements will serve as your communication tool between staff, students and parents. Finally the intervention module will allow you to track minor infractions and put interventions into place to support struggling students.

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    Functionality and Security

    • Voting and Surveys
    • Event Management
    • Student Interventions
    • School Announcements
    • Student Store
    • Mobile Apps
    • Easy Imports
    • Export to Excel and PDF
    • SSL Encryption
    • Daily Backups
    • Free Updates
    • Full Support (Phone, Email and Chat)

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    Student Elections and Surveys

    Students securely cast votes and respond to your surveys from their mobile devices. No more time lost counting ballots. Results and participation data are made available in real time.

    Ticketed Events and Fundraisers

    Tickets sold through school app. Student ID cards replace paper tickets. Event check-in and check-out controlled by scanning ID cards.

    Student Store and Inventory Tracking

    Supports in-person and online sales. Profit and loss reports and inventory reports are calculated in real time. Various levels of administration rights make it easy to manage your store team.

    Student Wellness and Interventions

    Our software even tracks student behavior, triggers timely interventions and manages communications between teachers, parents and students.

    Announcements and Communication

    Send communications to staff, students and parents. Keep them updated with news and events on campus

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