Announcements 4 Schools (Hosted)

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    Announcements 4 Schools (Hosted)

    Our Price: $399.00   

    Online Announcements
    • Application is installed on our server
    • We setup and manage the infrastructure
    • Custom link for your school
    • Free updates (automatically)
    • Cost is annual with no long term contract
     Teachers / Administrators
    • User friendly and easy to learn interface
    • Submit announcements quickly
    • Schedule announcements with start/end dates
    • No need to waste paper
    • Any web Browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox or Safari)
    • Please allow up to 24 hours for your site to be setup


     Download Brochure
         Announcements 4 Schools offers a new and simplistic method of managing your school's daily announcements. Once installed, this web based application can be accessed from anywhere. All of your staff can now easily submit an announcement for your schools bulletin in seconds. The application is so easy to use that training is not even necessary.
         The two features that make this program so unique are its ability to schedule dates in advanced and the quick views of current and future announcements. You will now be able to read them straight from the computer, email them to staff members, post them on your school website or print them out, the choice is yours. Please
    contact us for further details.


    Customized and Secure Login

    All Staff can add Morning Announcement for your daily announcements

    Add Announcement

    All Staff can add Morning Announcement for your daily announcements

    View All Announcements

    list all morning announcements

    Today's Announcements

    Daily Announcements can be sent to staff

     Calendar View

    View announcements in a calendar format

    Embed Into School Website

    Add a calendar to your shcool website

    Auto E-mail Announcements

    E-mail staff daily announcements