Engage 4 Schools (Hosted)

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    Engage 4 Schools (Hosted)

    Our Price: $349.00   

    • Individual profiles for every student
    • Ability to search all activities in a web browser
    • Quick connections between students and mentors
    • Discover who belongs to which activity
    • Sign-up with the push of a button
    • Easy access for parent or guardian
    • Summary and detailed reports for administrators
    • Infographic displays of student performance
    • Call all be accessed through mobile devices
    • Mobile friendly, runs in a web browser (MAC and PC compatible)
    • Help solve the problems when students are needed in two places at once
    • Know the whereabouts of all students after school
    • Track community service hours


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    An Easily-Implemented Solution for Tracking
    Engagement to Watch Performance Grow


          THE RESEARCH IS IN: Students who are engaged in school activities and led by good mentors make significant improvements in their academic studies and become better citizens. This is especially true for the at risk student.

          Engage provides the best means to track and coordinate all school activities (clubs, organizations, community service, athletics, etc.), measure improvements over time, and build a resume of non-academic achievements the student will be proud of for a lifetime. This web-based application engages families with students and mentors to provide the foundation of community engagement – the essential resources for the future.

           Schools are charged with educating the whole student, academic, physical, emotional and social. Student Activities are the laboratory for three-fourths of that mission. Here are the tools to take the management of student activities to a new level. They are designed by educators, for educators with an eye towards simplicity, efficient use of time, non-duplication of effort and ease of use.


    Screen Shots
    Secure Login
    Displine for schools tracking tardies and dress code violations
    Student Profile
    Scan student for tardies or dress code violations

    School Wide Activity List

    Set student intervention table to determine consequences
    Activity Calendar
    Student lookup records to see how many infractions they have
    Are Your Students Engaged?
    Run reports on number of unserved detentions