Interventions 4 Schools (Hosted)

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    Interventions 4 Schools (Hosted)

    Our Price: $399.00   

    • User friendly and easy to learn interface
    • Scan Student ID cards to track their tardies and campus violations
    • Automatically assign consequences by the number of infractions
    • Track total detentions served / unserved
    • Print tardy passes using a receipt printer
    • Get student back to class quickly
    • Tardy pass shows number of infractions and consequences
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          Interventions 4 Schools is a great solution that allows schools to take charge of student tardies and dress code violations. With a quick report find your biggest offenders and start early intervention before these issues becomes habitual.

          The process is simple, set the web based application and use it on as many computers as you wish. When a student is tardy or has another infraction, you can scan their ID card using a barcode scanner or type in their name. The application will log that tardy or infraction and print the student a pass. On the pass will be the consequence that they will be required to serve.

           Consequences are determined by the administrator. When a student accumulates the amount of infractions for each level they will be assigned that particular consequence. So for example, first tardy might be a warning and second tardy and 2 might be a detention.

           The application can also be used to track detentions served. When in detention mode, you can scan students as they walk in and create reports on who showed up and who still owes detentions.


    Screen Shots
    Scan Students
    Displine for schools tracking tardies and dress code violations
    Student Infractions
    Scan student for tardies or dress code violations


    Set student intervention table to determine consequences