Ticketing 4 Schools

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    Ticketing 4 Schools

    Our Price: $349.95   

    Teachers / Administrators
    • User friendly and easy to learn interface
    • Train students how to run the software in minutes
    • Track ticket sales for auditing purposes
    • Know how many people are attending your event before it starts
    • No more lost tickets
    • No more lost tickets (all ticket sales use student ID cards with barcodes)
    • Buy tickets quickly and easily using just an ID card
    • School issued ID cards with barcodes (unique ID numbers)
    • PC computer to run the software (at this time we do not support MAC)
    • Barcode scanner (USB or bluetooth barcode scanner)


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          Ticketing 4 Schools offers a digital solution for managing school events like dances, sports, detention, study hall, graduation and more. The concept of paperless tickets is what makes our software so unique for schools. 

          The process is simple, you set up the management side of your event and then you use a barcode scanner and student ID cards to do the rest. When a student want to purchase a ticket to your event, you scan their ID card, then the software will do an eligibility check and can even determine the price the student pays based on their student type. The final phase is where the software really shines. When its time for your event, all you do is scan their ID card a second time and let the software check to see if they purchased a ticket or not.

          No more long lines, No more checking lists, No more lost tickets, No more ticket fraud, and No more scams because the software takes care of all the validation for you.
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