Voting 4 Schools (Hosted)

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    Voting 4 Schools (Hosted)

    Our Price: $399.00   

    Online Voting
    • Application is installed on our servers
    • We setup and manage the infrastructure
    • Custom link for your school
    • Free updates (automatically)
    • Cost is annual with no long term contract
    Teachers / Administrators
    • User friendly and easy to learn interface
    • Track your student votes online
    • Analytical tools to detect voter misuse
    • No paper wasted and you don't have to count or sort ballots
    • Can vote from any computer connected to the internet
    • Easy to login and simple enough that instructions are not even necessary.
    • Any Web Browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox or Safari)
    • Please allow up to 24 hours for your site to be setup

     How it Works

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         Voting 4 Schools offers a simple solution for creating online elections. Once installed this web based application can be accessed from any computer connected to the internet. Just put a link on your school's website to the login page of the voting application and your students will have easy access to your elections.

         Setting up an election is very simple and straight forward. Besides importing students into the database there are only two things that need to get done. Create an election and add candidates to the election. The application includes invaluable reports that display total votes as well as detailed votes that can be used to analyze for voter fraud. Please contact us for further details.


    Student Login

    Customized login page for Online Voting

    Student Online View

    Students Voting Onlinie

    Mobile Apps

    iPhone and Android apps

    Customize Your Elections

    Customize your site and elections

    Detailed Reports and Dashboards

    Detailed Voting Results for a School Election

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