Admin Visits

Learn how to use the second tabbed page under the Outcome menu icon - Admin Visits.
The purpose is to provide a quick view of all the OPEN student cases in the system that are the direct responsibility of administrators and teachers. These staff are notorious for not following up on student discipline; they tend to leave it to clerical staff in the office!

Administrator's To Do list

  1. Note we are on the Admin Visits page.
  2. Use this dropdown to select yourself, or some other administrator. The data will change accordingly.

This is really your TO DO list and while you see OPEN in the Outcome column, something needs to be done to move this case along. Keep on top of this and the school will feel the difference. If you let things slide the kids pick up on the fact the discipline follow-through is slack. Give them and inch and they'll take a yard!

3. Click the Outcome button to get right back to the Outcomes page where you can make all the changes you need as you follow up each student.

4. The values in the Infraction and Consequence columns will vary. When the Consequence is ADMIN VISIT, it means the number of infractions the students have reached on the Consequences table has now determined they should come see an admin rather than just go to detention. If the Infraction says someting like Admin Detention this means the consequence was assigned by an administrator, not automatically assigned by the system.

You will see that we are trying to provide an efficient way of logging what happens with your discipline caseload.

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