CSV Reports

At this present time we only have one comma separated values report in this section. You will find that this one will become extemely valuable as time goes by.


  1. The purpose of this report is to give schools the highest possible level of reporting of infractions per week.
  2. Use this filter to specify individual infractions, if you wish.
  3. The Date Picker. The stats are best if you cover all the dates in a quarter, or Year to Date, etc.

As you change the filters, so the results change in the matrix, below.

The Infraction Matrix

  1. All results are rolled up by week beginning.
  2. The universally recognised week numbers of the year.
  3. Periods, as defined by your Bell Schedules. We deliberately roll periods together by period number regardless of time offsets due to different schedules. (Otherwise this would be an impossibly complicated table!)
  4. The number of infractions per week per period are displayed in the cells. Of course the picture here looks silly. Test data!

But you will find that a pattern will emerge which will almost certainly make sense to you as time goes on.
It was from this chart that one high school in Anaheim saw their tardies drop by 86% in one year!!!

There's an Export to Excel icon above this matrix, to the right.


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