Detentions Unserved - Summary

The first indication

Here's what administrators always want to know - how may kids owe detentions? Provided you have set up a solid way to log students into detention (whatever kind of detention it is), this report gives you the high level view as soon as you open it.

  1. The Search box will accept student ID numbers, first and last names. This alone make this report powerful.
  2. The columns are all sortable by clicking the up/down carets in the column headers.
  3. Earned. Total of all the detentions the student has earned.
  4. Served. Total detentions the student has served.
  5. Waived. Number of detentions that have been manually Waived by an administrator.
  6. Escalated. This is a combined count of all infraction where the outcome got manually escalated to Referred or Suspended.
  7. Due. Number of detentions still due by this student. If you sort the report by the Due column you will find the worst case students.

Print this report, or export it to a CSV spreadsheet.

This report might lead to several important discoveries and actions. Here are some hypotheticals:
* However did Susan get so many detentions? Why is she obviously not serving them? So you call Susan to see you.
* That's odd. Robert had had 9 detentions waived. I didn't do that. I wonder who did? You look up the details and discover someone in the office has taken it upon themselves to forgive his detentions. So you ask the staff member why. This might lead to staff training, or a verbal warning.
* You find students with 30 or more detentions. But they never came to see you. You check the Interventions table and find out these is no intervention for ADMIN VISIT. That needs to be fixed -- fast.


if you need more details abd each detention, go to the next report, Detentions Unserved - Detail.

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