Hardware Options

The Discipline platform works with no extra hardware and can be used with doing a student lookup by ID number or name. However using hardware including scanners and printers can make the process faster and a better experience for all.


Here you can find all of the different scanners that work with our platform. Most USB scanners should work, but we can only support scanners that are purchased through us. There are lots of different types of scanners that can be used with our platform, here are a few examples.

  • USB Wired Scanners
  • Bluetooth Scanners
  • Mobile Bluetooth (Mini) Scanners
  • RFID scanners



If your iD cards are RFID and do not have barcodes in them, please contact us with the following information.

  1. What the the brand of your RFID cards? (ie Mifare, Legic, HID)
  2. What is the model number of your cards? (Mifare - Classic, Mifare - Deskfire, Mifare - Ultralight)
  3. Are you storing student data in memory or just using the UID to identify the student?
  4. If using the internal memory, is the data encrypted?
  5. Are the cards using the standard ISO 1443 13.56 MHz (LF)

With this information we can be sure to get you the proper RFID card reader.

Thermal Printers

If you are allowing guest tickets or want to print receipts we highly recommend that you add on a thermal printer. Thermal printers are more specific on how they work and not all thermal printers will work with our software. Please be sure to check with us if you have an existing thermal printer.


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