How to Scan for Hall Passes

Learn how to print Hall Passes.
As developers, we provided this as a convenience - just because it was easy. But if you prefer to issue Hall Passes by some manual method, that's fine.

There are benefits, however. You will always know which students are out there on errands. And by accumulating the hall passes in a report you could award spirit points.

The Hall Pass page

  1. Set the Scan Type to Hall Pass, either on the Dashboard, or right here on this page.
  2. The Period gets detected when you do the scan.
  3. Scan or type the student ID here, OR
  4. Start typing the last name to find your office aide by last name.
  5. Make sure the check box is checked - and your Hall Pass will print.

REMEMBER, the duration of the Hall Pass can be set or changed under Settings/System Value: Hall Pass Valid Time



And When the Bus is Late

This is a real story. One schools called and said that the bus bringing kids in the morning was often late. Was there a way the children could each have a pass to class without logging a tardy?

Yes - the answer is right here. Scan them in with Hall Passes.

ALTERNATIVELY you can add a Scan Type in the Settings section and call it, for instance, Late Bus.

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