How to Scan for Infractions

Here you will learn how to use the scanning functionality in the system. It is at the heart of everything you do to track and manage the thousands of run-of-the-mill infractions.
The Scans page works differently, and has a different color theme, depending on the type of scanning you are doing.
Each scan type has its own Lesson in this manual.

Understanding the Page

Before we even see how this works, pay attention to the message of the screen.

  1. This is for SCANNING
  2. The PERIOD stands out clearly
  3. The page is ONLY to be used for scanning TARDY students. Nobody else.

It looks simple enough. But there is more to it.

Can I change the Period?


  • The Period is detected by the program based on the Bell Schedules already set up. (The Time Zone also needs to be correct.)
  • If you try to scan outside the total range of the bell schedule for the day a message will pop up asking you to assign a period, as here.
  • Why would you do that? Maybe for some reason you had to write down tardies manually because the internet was down. So you enter tardies later.
  • Or maybe you’re working outside the limits of the bell schedule, so the program has to ask you to choose the period you need. The dropdown illustrated here will contain all the periods for the day.

COVID-19 changes

If your bell schedule for the day has overlapping periods (to reduce the amount of student movement during passing periods during the pandemic) the scanning system might not know for which period the student is late. So the program will detect this overlap and ask you to decide which should be the correct period. The popup will look much like this:

NOTE: Please go to System Settings to find the Allow Overlapping Periods indicator, which you can set to Yes or No.

Can I change the Scan Type?

  • Yes, you can. You may do it right here. Click the dropdown underneath the preset scan type and choose another.
  • You can also reset the type of scanning you are doing on the dashboard.

Can I change the Date?

Not surprisingly - Yes.

  • This is useful if for any reason you need to enter tardies for the previous day.
  • More likely, this is great for entering TRUANCIES. If you think about this it takes a while to be sure a student is truant and you may have to log this the day after day later.

You cannot, however, change the time.

How do I Scan Students with no ID card?

  1. Normal digital scanning. You will have a hand-held or bluetooth scanner attached to your computer. Make sure the input field at (1) has the focus, ready for input.
  2. Name lookup. The student has no card, does not know her ID, etc. So click into the Lookup input field and start typing the last name. The more letters you type the closer you get to the name you need until you can select it off the short list, and press Enter.

The computer will remember the last scan or name lookup you performed and keep the cursor in that field ready for the next scan. You may have to do some switching to and fro.

Sometime it takes a while for staff to figure out how to make the scanner work. Don't worry. We've all been there. Look for the last lesson in this chapter for extra help.

What Happens Next?

Here is the page immediately after you scan a student.

1. The Student ID remains in the Scan input field. But it is highlighted. It's all ready to receive the next scan. You do not need to delete the field contents first.
2. If you have images uploaded you will see the picture here - as a visual check.
3. The student data appears here:

  • Student name
  • Grade
  • Consequence
  • Number of infractions
  • Number of open (unserved) detentions.


4. The consequence is she got a Warning for the first offense.

This process also prints a Tardy Pass. Use the check boxes at the foot of the page if you need to tell the system to print a duplicate pass.

This is especially useful for Dress Code violations. The student takes a ticket, and the duplicate is pinned to any confiscated clothes - just like a cloakroom ticket.

We recommend that tardy passes are handed to students so that staff can have a quick cautionary word with them as required. "You know - you should be careful now because next time detention will be a full hour!", for instance. Or, "Oops - you gotta come see an AP now!" These momentary interactions are surprisingly important.

But speed may be of the essence; you let kids enter IDs on a number pad and take the Pass while you barely look up from your desk. You have to do it your way.

What Happens Inside the Database?

You have scanned a student. They got a ticket. But what was recorded?

If you click the Look-up menu icon you will immediately see what happened. There are all the recorded details. Click the View button and you will see exactly when the transaction was recorded and who did the scan. We will look at this further in the next Chapter.

Furthermore, if you go to the Home/Dashboard page, you will see the pie chart has changed. Click the Tardy section of the pie chart, and you get right back to this page!

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