How to Scan in My Classroom

Learn how to scan student IDs and assign consequences in the classroom

Scan Type - Class Detention

Although this application will catered for detentions to be assigned by teachers, in the classroom, we suggest this be used very sparingly. Classroom issued detentions be used to such an extent that the system becomes unwieldy with so many teacher reasons for logging detention that physically, you cannot keep up with the data the system produces.

In brief, this works EXACTLY THE SAME as the ADMIN DETENTION. Here are the notes, replicated.

This image here is just a part of the full scan page we have already documented - but with special features for Class Detention.

  1. Use the dropdown control to set the Scan Type to Class Detention either here, or on the Dashboard.
  2. The form will change to reveal a selector for Consequence.
  3. You also get a text area in which you can make a note pertinent to any particular case.

The scenario. The student is in your classroom for some sort of reprimand. You have this screen open on your desktop. As the interview closes you assign a Consequence for his behavior and Add a note.

You submit the form and tell the student when and where he must serve his "detention" . You can print this to a regular printer if you wish, though it will look like it was meant to be printed on 3 inch thermal paper!

A few more details:
For the regular and often repeated infractions, you set up an agreed scale of consequences in the Intervention section of Settings.

Administrators and Teachers cannot easily use an automatic scale of consequences. That would never work. But they can set up a variety of consequences all of which will come under the general category of Detention. Whether this is 20 minutes at lunch time, picking up trash after school, running laps of the track or writing an essay in the office -- as long as the student is detained in some way, this is detention as defined by this application.

If Class Detentions are to be used, we strongly suggest the school agrees on not more than a basic six kinds of Consequences from which all teachers could make selection.

If you want to assign a detention of any kind, and find nothing in the dropdown, you will need to go to the Interventions section, as mentioned above, and enter a variety of detention-type consequences. Then you can use the Consequence dropdown at (2) in the illustration, above.

Make sure school procedures -- times, people, places -- are all set up so that these OPEN (unserved) consequences can be SERVED.


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