How to Scan into Detention

Learn what to do when you are running the detention room and students arrive.

The Log Detention page

  1. This is the page you use to log students into detention. It MUST say LOG DETENTION in the header.
  2. Make sure the date is the date of the actual detention. It should be the current date.
  3. You either scan in the student ID at (3), or
  4. Look them up by last name at (4).

That sounds simple enough. However...

As far as possible we want to check that the student is serving the detention for the right infraction. Since the system knows how many OPEN detentions each student has, this page will pop up a list from which you can select the best possible match for this detention. Since this might be time consuming - as you have to talk to the students - you can do this over the course of the detention rather than have them all line up at the door. That is up to you.

The Pop-up Detention List

Here is a set of test data to illustrate.

  1. Effective Date. This student has accumulated seven detentions spread across a couple of months.
  2. Infraction. You can see what he did. An Admin Detention means detentiona was assigned by an AP for any one of a number of reasons.
  3. The Outcome of each infraction is still OPEN. One of these will become SERVED when you LOG him into detention. Please use your best judgement - ask the student directly as to why he is here. He may well say, "I dunno". If he is not forthcoming, we suggest you click the radio button (the circle on the left) of the oldest detention. School policy will direct on this.
  4. Notice the small question mark. That means there is a note attached to this infraction. You can open it to see if that helps.
  5. Submit the form when you are done. With practice this will go quite fast.

The Completed Scan

Now you can see the result of the scan. (I have blurred the face on purpose.) You can scan the next student.

School Scanning Procedures

Students may come to detention in many ways:

  • Administrators might generate lists of students expected in detention - and give you a copy.
  • Students might be left to their own volition to go to detention.
  • Using detention Call Slips, staff might conduct a last period sweep of students due for detention.

It will depend how your school plans to do this. But whichever way it is, it the duty of the detention supervisor either to scan student ID cards, or barcodes off a list; or type in last names in the Look-up box.

There may be times when students come to detention for infractions which were NOT scanned into Discipline 4 Schools. Therefore it's possible you could log someone in to detention inaccurately. Unless the schools designs procedures to avoid this there's not much you can do.

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