How to find who did what, and when

Learn how to see how users are working the Discipline 4 Schools.

Who did what, and when?

It's important for each user to have their own personal login as a defense against illicit tampering. If you allocate generic logins you have fewer ways to discover who did what, and when.
This is the pop-up you will see when you click the EDIT button on the Lookup page.

  1. Of course, we have the student information.
  2. Then the Date and Time of the Scan
  3. Most importantly, we see who scanned the student: Virginia West. Maybe she should not have been doing this. But at least you know.
  4. The Scan Type is important.

5. Later on others get to deal with the outcome of all infractions. We will spend more time on this when we get there.
6. This button take you to the Outcome page for students you select from the Lookup page.
NOTE: in come case there will be no Outcome. Hall Passes have no outcomes. Warnings have no Outcomes; they are simply warnings.

You might find you don't use this pop-up very much. But you need to know it's there when needed.

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