How to understand the Dashboard

Learn how to make good use of the Dashboard - otherwise called the Home Page.

Understanding the Page

This is a very easy page to comprehend. But that does not lessen its importance.
It tells you where you are and what's happening TODAY - whatever is the current date,

  1. DATE. The date box always defaults to the current date. But, as we shall see, it can be changed. However, it is essential for the purpose of scanning infractions that the date remains as the current date.
  2. TODAY'S BELL SCHEDULE. If you are the first person to log in to Discipline 4 Schools on any given day, you will see the BELL SCHEDULE box is blank - and it's flashing at you. This is the prompt for you to click the dropdown and select the BELL SCHEDULE. Make sure you choose the right schedule. Usually it will be the NORMAL schedule, but not always. You can change this later if you make a mistake.
  3. The PIE CHART. There will be no pie chart until there is at least one scanned infraction for the day. Then you will see the chart break into segments depending on the various scan types, and the number of infractions. If you click on any segment of the chart the system will show you the precise details: Who was tardy, and when.
  4. Last Scan Type. Your regular job may be to scan students for tardiness, dress code issues or whatever else. The system will remember that last scan you performed and put it in the Last Scan Type box. This means you are already to get down to work again! Of course you can change the scan type if you wish. Click the dropdown and you will see the options that have been set up for your school.

The other information on the page will be of interest to others. When did you last log in? Who else is logged in? This is a security matter in case there is an intrusion. The application tracks who does what, and when.

This is a reminder NOT to use generic logins, or else the attempt at giving you visibility to who does what is diminished. Wherever uses the system MUST have their own login.


Other features

From time to time the system may catch your attention by displaying messages across the top of the page. These are generally important.

  1. Red messages are strong alerts. On this page they will kick-in when your system is within the 30 day time frame for renewal. When you click the View button you will go right to the My Account page from where you can arrange the renewal. Only Administrators normally see this message.
  2. Blue messages give you Notification messages from Software 4 Schools. It's as well to View them, not ignore them, because they will contain details about program updates, or special offers, etc. The Notifications will be retained and get listed on the bottom half of the page.

Other colors: Yellow indicates a Warning; Green denotes Success.

When we add new features, or fix bugs, we will notify you!

Now you understand this page we are ready to get to work!! Typically you will immediately go to the Scans page, using the menu icon of a scanner.

LETS GO THERE NOW. Click the right navigation arrow at the bottom of this page.

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