Learn how the system uses the students' primary language.

Working with Languages

This section of the application is not fully developed. But I will describe it as though it were finished.

Language is a field that can be uploaded - but it is intended to be the Parent or Guardian language, not really the student language. The language field is used when running the export report for use with Blackboard or Teleparent applications. This has not yet been developed because we want to do more field research. In fact - you can help us by telling us YOUR school requirements.

We intend to populate this table with about 100 languages.

  1. Find this page along with the other student tabbed pages.
  2. A typical search box. Start typing a language name here and you will quickly find it (or not, as might be the case).
  3. Click the green +Language button to add a new language.
  4. To edit a language click the appropriate Edit button on the right.
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