Mass Infraction Updates

Learn how to use this invaluable mass update tool.
Typically you will use this at the end of a Quarter, or - more likely - at the end of the semester.

Understanding the page

The purpose of the page it to enable you to CLOSE all open infractions in one fell swoop. This effectively sets all student discipline records back to zero.
Each action gets logged in the table on the right, and can be undone just once.
The page allows you to be specific about which infractions to close just in case you want to leave some open after the quarter or semester break.

  1. Note the fourth tabbed page under Outcomes.
  2. Here are all the Infractions, both the ones we shipped and the ones you add.
  3. For each Consequence Type click the dropdown to specify which type of consequence you wish to close. Mostly you will select ALL. The choice is yours.
  4. The Open column shows you how many OPENs you have for each infraction. Here the numbers are almost non-existent because this is a test system. Low numbers at your school are a very good indicator of good behavior and your management.
  5. Click the Print button if you need a record of the data before you change it.
  6. Click the green Close button to change all OPEN outcomes for the selected Infraction to CLOSED. If you want to go for broke and CLOSE all infractions at one go, hit the RED Close ALL button.
  7. A log of all your actions will build up on the right.

The Audit Log

  1. With our very small amount of test data I we show just one Admin Detention CLOSED.
  2. A green Open button appears, right. It's there in case you made a mistake. Click Open and you will imediately reverse all the CLOSURES you just instigated. The button will be replaced with a green check mark.

If you need to close the same records again, you must repeat the first step and a new record will be added to the log.

For those of you who remember the old PC version of "Setbacks", which could take an hour to run - note that this runs in seconds! How things have changed.

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