Mass Updates

Learn how to deactivate students en masse.
You will need to do this at the end of a school year so that you can start afresh with a new upload of student data.
By deactivating all students they will :"disappear" from the main student screen.
But when you upload a fresh batch of students, the program will find matching student IDs, already in the system, and re-activate them

Getting there

  1. Click the Settings menu icon
  2. Select Mass Updates from the sub-menu
  3. The first page tab is labeled Mass Deactivate/Activate Students
  4. The Deactivate dropdown also contains the value Activate, so you can reverse the action you just took. However, if you Deactivated sets of students at different times you might not want to reactivate all them again. Please be careful.
  5. The Grade dropdown allows you to narrow down the scope of the students you deactivate. For instance, at the end of a school year, you might just deactivate the seniors.

Delete orphaned Pictures

Use this tool to tidy up pictures that may have somehow got detached from a real student.

  1. Note that Delete Orphaned Pictures is the second tab page under Mass Updates
  2. This dropdown contains three values: any, an active, and an inactive [student].
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