Miscellaneous - Hall Passes

Learn about the Hall Passes Report.
It's important to know who is out of the Office, or out of class with permission, especially if there is a school incident. Image: a broken window, a theft, graffiti.
The call rolls will tell you where kids are meant to be. But where are the Office and Teachers' Aides? And who got Hall Passes, anyway?

Hall Passes

To use Hall Passes effectively with Discipline 4 Schools, you need a printer attached to the computer from which you issue Hall Passes. But you can run this report from ANY computer.

  1. Note the Report navigation. This is listed under Miscellaneous.
  2. It is the first tabbed page under Miscellaneous.
  3. Date Range Picker. By now you should be experiences at how to use this to get first and last dates.
  4. Search box. Use this to narrow down your search to specific students.
  5. All your data will appear here under the various columns. Note that they are all sortable by clicking the small up/down carets in the column headers.
  6. The last column show Issued By. Yes, we need to know who sent little Johnny on his jaunt round the school corridors. This specificity is one example of why it's important that every user if the system have their own, personal user account.
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