Multiple Day Reports

Learn how to use the Multiple Day Report.

In time, your database will contain a large amount of data - and users will want to sort through it to answer their questions.

From the reports you can generate on this page you will discover exactly which are the students with the worst records for infractions, for skipping detention, for having to see administrators, etc.
You will also find the students with the best records!
As you experiment with the parameters — the filters — you’ll be able to narrow down the lists so that you don’t need to print too much paper.
You will do this mostly with the Operator and Threshold filters.

Using the parameters

This is the kind of report where you will want to experiment to find out how best to use it.

  1. Here you see where to find this report under the Reports menu icon.
  2. The Date Range picker is crucial. TIP: Use the left arrow, next to the from month to track back in time. Then select the date. It will appear at the top of the date box. Then use the right arrow to track to the later month, and click the date. Click Apply. You date range is set.
  3. Scan Type. Use the dropdown to select the scan type you need. Only infractions are found in this list.
  4. Outcome. Use the dropdown to select.
  5. The Operator contains two values: Great than or Equals; and Less than or Equals. Combine the operator with...
  6. The Threshold. The Operator and Threshold enable you to narrow down your search to a sensible sized report.
  7. Click SUBMIT.

The results will appear on the same page, below the SUBMIT button.
If you do not quite get the results you expected, try changing some of the parameters. On the other hand, the surprising results might be exactly what you need!

A Sample report

Based on the parameters set in Step 1, and with the limited data in our database, here are the results.
It's all very self-evident.

  1. The search box gives you a further option - to filter on student names.
  2. The Total column shows the number of records for the student that fits your parameters.
  3. You may print thus report or export it to Excel.

This is a new feature to Discipline 4 Schools. Let us have your feedback if it's not quite giving you what you need.

Print the report

You can cross-check the totals against the OUTCOMES page.

Export to Excel

The spreadsheet option allows you to perform further data manipulations of your own.

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