My Account

Learn how to manage or renew your account.

Getting there

  1. Start, once more, with the Settings menu icon
  2. Select the last item in the sub-menu - My Account

My Account form

  1. This is another two-tabbed page. It defaults to Renewal.
  2. The History tab shows the past payments, but it will take a year before anything appears here.
  3. Here's the instant summary of your account. Since this is a test environment the numbers are not realistic!!
  4. Renew By allows you to choose your renewal method:
  • Renew now and pay by credit card
  • Renew now and send me an invoice to pay by check
  • Send me a quote but do not renew yet

All of these will automatically trigger your request. No need to call or email us. We will know what you did on this page.

5. This dropdown allows you to specify the number of renewal years for 1, 2 or 3 years, with built in quantity discount.
6. Update this if the "owner" of this application changes.
7. Remeber to update the email address
8. If you have Purchase Order (PO) enter the number here.
9. Click OK to submit the form.


We have designed a referral system so when you share your success with Store 4 Schools and your colleagues purchase our software, we will give you a discount towards your renewal or send you gift cards as a thank you. Simply choose an option for your reward, fill out the form and we will send them an email inviting them to check it out.

Referral History

On the referral History page you will see any referrals you have sent out and the status for each referral.

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