No Shows

Learn how Discipline 4 Schools calculates which students did not show up for detention.

How do we know who was missing detention?

With a small school - a few hundred, reasonably cooperative students - it's not too hard to know who went to detention and who is trying to escape consequences.

With a larger school, things can rapidly get out of hand. Students simply refuse to go, or forget, and the due detentions begin to accumulate. And now you're not sure who was a No Show.

Neither does Discipline 4 Schools know who did not turn up for detention, especially when the numbers get so great you can't cram the kids all into one classroom! Of course, you still scan the students into detention, and the system is able to track all that. And if you want to know who still owes detentions, you print the Detentions Unserved - Summary.

But if on any one occasion you need to know who did not show up you first need to know who to expect in the first place.

THE SOLUTION - see diagram above.

  1. Use the Detention Call List method explicitly to call for the students you want to have in detention.
  2. Scan them into detention. Instructions here.
  3. Afterwards, let the system work out who did not go - and give you a list of No Shows.
  4. You can decide whether to double the detention or apply some other consequence.

The No Show report

Here's the alert you see if you try to run the No Shows Report without defining who should have been in detention in the first place.
But if you DO use the Detention Call List method you will get a simple list of the students who didn't check in.

It's up you to how you handle them from this point on. The tighter you can control this the more things will improve in the school.

If kids can get away with not serving detention, the general discipline of the school slowly ebbs away.

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