Printer Setup - 3" Thermal (Windows)

Settings -> User Accounts

To setup a user to use a thermal printer, start by going to User Accounts which is under the Settings Icon. You can find the printer settings for a user by clicking the +User to add a new user or the Edit to modify an existing user.

Thermal Printer -> Yes

When you change the settings for Thermal Printer to Yes, you will see a few options show up.
1. Printer Name, this has to match exactly what is in your printer settings. You will first need to install the thermal printer. Here is a link to download the Citizen Printer Drivers
2. Driver Type, choose the option qZ Tray (New Driver)
3. Download and install the qZ Tray for Windows.

qzTray Setup

After downloading and installing qZ Tray, you will see in the bottom right corner of your task bar the qZ tray icon (looks like a thermal printer).

Click the printer icon and select the option Automatically Start

At this point your printer should be installed and you can print from your Discipline 4 Schools application.

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