Setting up your scanner

Learn how to set up your scanner effectively.

Setting up your scanner

Most scanners will work exactly as required right out of the box.
They also come with a User Manual. But that manual is formidable and packed with barcodes and mind-baffling explanations!


  1. Set up the scanner physically by setting it in its cradle - which needs a power supply; or by attaching it to you computer with a USB cord.
  2. Check that indicator lights come on. Depending on the brand, you will get varying colors.
  3. Open a text document in Word, or Pages.
  4. Scan a linear barcode from a student ID card, or some other barcoded product.
  5. The number should appear on the text document.
  6. Ideally the insertion point on the text document goes to the next line ready for further input.

Now you can be sure the scanner will read student barcodes and insert IDs on the scanning page.

Call the office if you have continued problems. We have a shortened user guide for scanner configuration.

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