Access System Settings

SYSTEM VALUES is the first submenu item.
Click the Edit button on the right to modify a setting.

System Settings - part 1

Settings. The values in the left column are all links. Click these to open up a small panel to change or confirm your setting choices.
Some settings are far more important than others.
The current values are displayed in the center column.

  1. Academic Year End Month. The end month for the academic year. This is mainly intended for future use.
  2. Allow Overlapping Bell Schedules When set to YES you will be able to set up your bell schedules with overlapping periods which will reduce the amount of student movement at any passing period. This helps with social distancing.
  3. Color Theme. We have defaulted our choice for the best color theme. Change it and see what happens!
  4. Hall Pass Valid Time. The system can print hall passes for students running necessary errands. The minutes you set here provide a time frame within which the hall pass is valid. The time will be printed on the pass. This helps clamp down on kids misusing hall passes.
  5. Images specifications. You will be uploading student images into this system. Here are the default dimensions. You can tweak them a little; but not too much or you may get unpredictable results.

System Settings - part 2

These four system values work together. They are only necessary if you need to know where students are during the last period of the day.
Why does this matter? Because the system can print call slips which can be sent out in the last period of the day, calling students, individually, to detention. If you don't plan to do this, you may ignore these values.

  1. Infraction Count By This allows you to determine if the system is going to calculate infractions across periods or if they are counted by each period.
  2. Last File Uploaded This is a log of the most recent file that was uploaded and by what user.
  3. Last Period Location. This can be set to Last Period Teacher, or Last Period Room. It depends how you like to identify where students are: by teacher name or room number. This drives what we is printed on the Call Slip so your aides know where to deliver them.
  4. Last Period of the Day. So what is you last period? 6? or 7? Or Home Room? Enter it here. This also will be printed on the detention Call Slips.
  5. Log-off minutes. Designed to prevent your browser sessions remaining unattended - with possible breach of security.
  6. Principal's name get printed on the Detention Call Slips - if you add it here.
  7. School name. This gets used in many places in the application.
  8. Term. This gives you quarters by number: 1-4. You need only set this if your school runs some courses on an academic wheel. Example: Quarter 1, some students take Forensics; Quarter 2, they take Speech. Quarter 3, Mandarin, Quarter 4, Marine Biology. This means their location for the last period of the day will change. Complex logic in the system correlates the data you upload with the printing of Call Slips. But we will explain this more fully under Upload Students.
  9. Time Zone. Last but not least. It's ESSENTIAL that you set this or else times, schedules, reports, etc, will all come out wrong.
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