The Main Student Display

Learn how to upload and search student data

Getting there

By now you should have set up all the necessary System Values and Settings to make this application work. All we need is the students.
Let's get familiar with this page. Once you have logged in:

  1. Click the Students menu icon. This page will appear. Initially it will have no students. But let's get our bearings.
  2. Note the four sub-menu items. By default you will see the main student display, as here.
  3. The first tabbed page shows All Students
  4. + Students. This is very important. We will come back to this in the next step.
  5. Name. The sort order is by last name. The sequence can be reversed by clicking the up/down carets to the right of the Name header.
  6. Student ID. Student IDs are always unique. If you make a mistake uploading your students you well find names in this column instead of numbers. The system will then not work.
  7. Grade. You will upload grades levels. They will be in this column. If you happen to use Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior everything will be fine. But we really recommend simple grade numbers: 9,10,11,12 etc
  8. Last Per Teacher (or Room). We discussed this under System Values. Please refer back there is you have forgotten. Just know that this will tell you where the student is in the last period of the day when you want to find him for detention.
  9. Term. If your school assigns students to different classes depending on the quarter or term, the quarter or term number will be in this column.
  10. Edit student. This obviously allows you to make corrections to student data; or to add parent/guardian information.

Add/Edit Student

  1. This is the form for adding students ONE AT A TIME. You don't enter all the hundreds or thousands of students here. Most of the input fields are obvious - placeholder text tells you what is expected.
  2. Language. Select student language only of not English. If not listed choose Other.
  3. Enter EITHER the name of the teacher from the last period of the day, or the Room Number.
  4. Select the current quarter of the school year. S = Semester.

The Guardian fields are designed for you to hold parent or guardian information, to speed up auto-dialing systems.

5. Click OK when you are done, to save the changes.

This form is identical for both ADDing and EDITing students.

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