The purpose of this page

Learn the value of the Lookup page.The Lookup page gives you an instant list of students scanned that very day for your chosen scan type.
You will access the Lookup page from the main menu.

The Lookup page

Here is an example. In this case the office user was scanning students to provide them with Hall Passes.

  1. Deactivate. If you make a scanning mistake, check the student Name on the left and click the Deactivate button.
  2. You my export the list to a pdf, for printing, or to an Excel spreadsheet.
  3. The Date header. Go back in time if need be and select an earlier date to discover who got scanned, and for what purpose.
  4. The filter labeled Hall Pass can be changed to any desired scan type. See the Scan Type column. So you could easily look up all the Tardies for Monday of the previous week.
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