Upload Student Pictures

Learn how to upload student pictures

Getting there

  1. Once again - click the Students menu icon
  2. Look for the sub menu item - Upload Pictures
  3. + Files. You will need to have a folder on your computer (or on your network) with all your student pictures. Click the green button to locate this file.

NOTE. The images you upload MUST be named exactly the same as the student IDs. This is essential to find each student picture. If some other image naming system has been used and you can't solve it - call SUPPORT.

4. Once you have selected the folder with the student images, they will all start appearing on this page. The remaining step is to click the Upload button.
This will safely store the pictures on our server, ready for use when needed by the program.

The Pictures Page

  1. This is how the page will appear when all images have been uploaded. The pictures are in numerical order of student ID.
  2. You will see you can selectively delete images, if necessary.
  3. This is a good image size. You don't want them much bigger than this; and not less than about 10KB.
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