Add / Edit Students

Add New Student

Students > (+ Add Student)

Enter Student ID, First Name, Last Name, Password (minimum 4 characters, recommend 6-8 for security), Select a voting group and click OK. At any time if you change a student Active Status to No, they will not be allowed to login.

Edit Students

1. Students > All Students
2. From the All Students Tab, click Edit on any student

You can change student ID, Name, Password, Voting Group and mark the student as not active. Non Active students can not vote in an election.

Mass Deactivate Students

You can mass deactivate students from the Mass Update page or from the Student Page.

  1. Select "All" Students to display all of your active students
  2. Optional you can filter down by "Voting Group" to only show a specific set of students
  3. Use the "Check All" box to select all students
  4. Click Deactivate to Deactivate all students selected
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