Adding Candidates

  1. To Edit Candidates click the Add / Edit button for the election you wish to modify


  1. The Elections drop down list will allow you to quickly switch between your active elections
  2. To remove a candidate, check the box to the left and click delete. Multiple candidates can be deleted at once.
  3. To add or Edit the Picture, Video or Biography click the Edit button to the right.
  4. The filters will allow you to narrow down your view of all your candidates.

Adding Candidates

Before adding candidates to your elections you will need to add candidate positions and upload your students. Once you have your positions and students loaded, you have 4 options for adding candidates to your elections.

1 + Active Students

Adding candidates from your current voters is your best choice for adding individual candidates from your student body. If you have student pictures with the student id number as the title, then you can use our bulk upload tool for adding pictures in mass and all students added from + Candidates and by Voting Groups will automatically have their picture associated to their biography.

  1. Click + Candidates from the menu
  2. Choose a candidate position
  3. Select a Candidate
  4. Click Ok

2. + Voting Group

When adding an entire group of students, all students in this group will be eligible candidates. Typically we see this for nominations where any student is a grade level eligible. If you make a mistake when adding a voting group, you can go into all candidates and use the position filter to show all students in that position and mass delete.

  1. Click + Candidates by Voting Group from the menu
  2. Select your Candidate Position
  3. Select your Voting Group
  4. Click OK

3. + File

You can use this option if you want to bulk upload student names

  1. Click + Candidates by File from the menu
  2. Choose the candidate position you want to fill
  3. Click + File button and upload your Excel or CSV file.

Please note that the students can be in any order and on the next screen you will link your files sort order to the import fields and ll students will be uploaded to that position.
Repeat this step for other positions as necessary.

4. + Manually

We only recommend you use this option when the candidates do not exist as students. You can also use this section if you are doing surveys by putting a response like "Yes" in the first name field and adding a second candidate with "No" in the first name field.

  1. Click + Candidates Manually from the menu
  2. Choose your position
  3. Enter candidate first name
  4. Enter candidate last name
  5. Click OK
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