Archive and Retrieve Old Elections

Archive a Single Election

Click Elections from the main menu.

  1. Click the Edit button on the election you wish to Archive

Active Election

Change Active Election from Yes to No to archive the the election.

Archive / Deactivate Multiple Elections

Check all the elections you wish to Archive / Deactivate and click the Deactivate button.

Activate Old Elections

Inactive elections are stored under the Inactive Elections section. Elections with the status of Inactive will not show in reports, on the dashboard and students can not vote in them, even if the date range is valid. To view your inactive elections, click the View Inactive Elections button.

From this screen you can either check the boxes of all the elections you want to activate or click edit on the edit button under setup and change the Active Status back to

Only elections that have no votes casted can be deleted. To delete an election, check the box and click Delete. You can only delete inactive elections.

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