Configure the Student Login Page

Prior to the start of your election, you should set the text values on your students voting page. Click Settings > System Settings (default when clicking Settings)

There are three main things that you will need to setup prior to an election.

  1. Login Notes - This is your voter instructions on how to login. For example, if you use the "Is Birthday" option for your student passwords, you will want to add a note that says Passwords / Birthdays are formatted m/d/yyyy - 9/6/1998
  2. User Id - This is what they will be using to login. Most of the time schools use student id. This must be unique so using last name is not a good idea.
  3. User Password - This is what they will use as their login password. Often schools will put the word Birthday here and use the login notes as their description.

Here is how the student login page will show up when the students vote on a computer.

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