Detailed Votes

To view voting details, click Results > Detailed Votes > Select your Election

Choose your election and you will see the detailed votes.

  1. Each vote will get a unique auto incremented number to identify an actual vote.
  2. Candidate will display whom the voter voted for.
  3. Position will display what position that candidate was voting for.
  4. Voter will display who voted for that candidate.
  5. Voter ID is the ID number for the voter. This is usually the student ID number.
  6. Voter IP Address is the unique IP address for the voter. Usually when voting at school you will see the school IP address here. If students are voting with their mobile devices or from home, you will see multiple different IP address.
  7. Vote time displays the date and time that the voter voted.

Checking for Voter Fraud

If you think that some students were cheating, you can use this report and sort by different columns or filter by position to zoom in on some detailed voted. You can also use the Search box to search for any field. For example you might want to see all the votes casted by an IP address.

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