Require Change Passwords

Settings / System Values

You can force students to change their passwords after the first time they login. If you want even higher level of security, you can also turn on Require Student E-mails to add a layer of validation for students when they create their accounts.

Require Change Password

By default this is set to "Yes". If this is set to Yes on the first login, students will be prompted to change their password. If this is set to "No" students will not be prompted to change their password on first login.

Student Login

After logging in for the first time with the default password, students will be prompted if they have an E-mail address? If they choose "Yes", they will go through the E-mail verification process.

Password Reset

If they choose "No", they can reset their password and then Vote.

Update Password

At any point when the student is logged into the portal, they can update their account (E-mail and Password)

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