Require Student E-mail

Settings / System Values

If you want to add extra validation when students first login you have the option to force students to have an E-mail address. You can either upload an E-mail address that you might have on file or you can let students add their own E-mail address when they first login. On first login, if an E-mail exists on file, they will be shown the E-mail that is on file and will be required to verify that E-mail address with an automated message that we will send them. If they are providing their own E-mail address we go through the same process where students will be required to check their E-mail and click the verification E-mail. To turn this feature on, set the "Require Student E-mail" to "Yes"

Require Student E-mail

When changing the Status "Require Student E-mail" to "Yes" it will automatically also set the option "Require Change Passwords" to "Yes" as well.

Student E-mail Import

On the upload student page you can optionally upload E-mail addresses for your students. Just select the matching column on your file and decide if you want to overwrite the student E-mail address if one already exists.

No E-mail On File

If you did not upload an E-mail address the student will be prompted with this screen.

Password Reset (Custom) Message

If the student does not have an E-mail address and answers "No" to the question, they will receive a custom message that you can set in the System Settings.
For students that do not have an E-mail address you can go into the student record and put a generic E-mail in to bypass this setting.

Add E-mail Address

If the student chooses "Yes" they will be prompted to add their E-mail address.

E-mil Verification

They student will be prompted to check their E-mail and click the link to verify their E-mail address.

Reset Password

The student will then create a new password and can continue to vote. This process will only happen one time and future logins will use the new password that the student has created.

With E-mail On File

If you import student E-mail addresses, when the student logs in for the first time, they will see their E-mall address and if they click Yes an E-mail will be sent to them to verify (just as we do above) and if they choose no, they will get the custom message you set in the system settings.

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