Using a P.O. to Purchase Voting 4 Schools

Below you will find the instructions to create an account with us using a Purchase Order

First Get a Quote

We recommend as a first step to get an official quote from us. This does two things. First you can get an exact cost. Second, when you request a quote from us, we generate an account for you in our system. That way when we get a copy of your PO, we already have your contact information.

Go to our website
Click: Request Quote

Next type in your E-mail address. If you have requested a quote in the past or have created an account with us, we will populate your contact information on the next page.

Fill out the form and select the products you would like a quote on. Shortly you will receive an E-mail with a quote attached. Once you have generated a P.O. from your school district, just E-mail, Fax or Mail us a copy of the P.O. and we will generate an account for you.

Contact Information to send you P.O.

E-mail -

Fax - 866-757-7226

Mail - P.O. Box 60785
Irvine, CA 92602

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