Votes by IP Address

To open the Votes by IP Address report, click Results > Votes by IP Address and select an Election.

This report will show you how many votes were placed from each IP address. Usually all votes from a school campus will come through a single IP address. If a student uses a mobile device or an office campus computer, you will see their IP address listed here.

Clicking on the IP address will show you each candidate that received a vote from that IP address.

Checking for Fraud

If you think that a student created fraud and placed votes for other students, you can use this report to help you analyze the results. First look at the votes by IP address and look for a lot of votes from one IP address. Again, most schools will go through one IP address so be sure to ask your school tech to find out what your IP address is.

If you find an IP address other than your school with a high number of votes, click on the title and see who was voted for. Again if you find lots of votes for one person, you will want to investigate the issue.

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