Voting Groups

Voting groups allow you to separate out your students so you can create an election and grant a group of students access to that election.

For example, lets say you are having class elections and you only want 10th graders to vote for 10th graders and 11th graders to only vote for other 11th graders, then you can use voting groups to accomplish this.

Voting groups can be accomplished either by uploading a student roster which includes grade level or other label that students can be grouped together by, or they can be created manually (see below).

Adding a Voting Group manually

Students > Voting Groups

This will show you all your current voting groups and the number of students currently associated with that voting group.

1. To create a new voting group, enter the name of the group you would like to create and click Add. Keep in mind that if you are uploading voting groups with your student file, there is no need to manually create voting groups as they will be created when you upload your students.

1. Click Edit to change the name of a voting group
2. If you want to remove a voting group, check the box to the left and click Delete. Please note that if you delete a voting group, all students in that voting group will remain, but will no longer be associated to a voting group.

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