Upload Pictures

There are two ways to associate a student pictures with a candidate.

Option 1. After you Add a Candidate to your Election, you can click edit under Picture / Biography to Add Pictures Individually.


Option 2. (directions below) You can mass upload all student pictures and they will automatically be associated to the students in your elections.

Students > Upload Pictures

Next click (+ Files) to browse for your folder with all the pictures in it. Please be sure that only pictures exist in this folder. Also we recommend that your images be very small and no larger than about 100 KB. If you need assistance on how to make the file size smaller, please contact us.

When the browse window opens, find your images folder and if you plan to add all pictures, click the first image (hold shift down) and choose the last image. Then click Open to start the process.

You can start the upload process one image at a time by clicking the upload button next to the picture or as we recommend just click the upload all button to import all of your pictures.

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