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Transform How Your School Engages and Connects!

Take your school elections online! Our application can be used for class elections, student body elections, homecoming nominations, prom King.

Fueling Student Engagement Across the Country

Bring together academic insights, spirited activities, and student participation in one space.


Student spirit points are automatically banked and made available as school store credit. And your store will tabulate all credit, sales and inventory supplies in real time.

Boost Participation

Our software automatically records students participation in all activities and then awards them spirit points to motivate their involvement.

Deepen Connections

Identify students not engaged in school activities and using our tools and reports and engage them with positive PBIS rewards. 

What We Do

Student Elections

Take all of your elections online in a secure and trusted environment.  

Digital Ticketed Events

Sell tickets online or in person that are linked to a student ID. No need for wristbands or paper tickets 

Student Store

You can track your school inventory, product sales, create student accounts, and sell items in your student store.

Student Interventions

Track student tardies, dress code and any other minor infraction type by scanning student ID’s. and automatically assign consequences based on your own custom intervention system. 

Student Points

Student engagement can be a powerful tool so support your school culture and students at risk. 

Digital Student ID

Integrated Digital ID cards that work with your student information system. iPhone and Android Apps make it easy for students to have access to a customized school student ID card.

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Privacy and Security
FERPA /COPPA Compliant


Works with your Student Information System and ID cards.


What and where your students access in your own app

"I can promise you our school will renew our contract every year and if they won't pay for it, I will out of my own pocket!"


Sacred Heart Griffin



Years in Business


Student Engagement Interactions

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Years in Business


Student Engagement Interactions

Educator Focused, Educator Designed

Ben and Michael, two teachers from Anaheim, started Software 4 Schools to solve one simple problem.  How do we get rid of paper tickets for our school dances and use the student ID cards they already have.  

After an overwhelming success with their school dances and neighboring schools they started to share their ticketing and other solution around the USA.