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Managing school events is a breeze! Our ticketing application can be used for the sale of event tickets, and facilitate the check-in process for almost any kind of event.

Ticketing 4 Schools Has Helped Sell  1,564,590 Million Tickets Across  14,198 Events

What Are Some Key Features Of Ticketing 4 Schools?

Ticketing 4 Schools is a web-based application for the sale of event tickets, and check-in to almost any kind of event. It can be used for regular school dances, field trips, libraries, study hall, examination rooms, even detentions! All these are events for which the regular school information system may not be best suited. The application does away with paper tickets, wrist bands, and manual check-in lists. A scanner, reading the barcode on the student ID card, records all activities. Yes – there are provisions for students who lost or forgot their cards! The system keeps a full account of attendance, guards against many kinds of cheating, and provides transaction and summary report data which can be exported or printed. With a crisp, new design this is a vast improvement over our old PC-based software.

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Ben and Michael, two teachers from Anaheim, started Software 4 Schools to solve one simple problem.  How do we get rid of paper tickets for our school dances and use the student ID cards they already have.  

After an overwhelming success with their school dances and neighboring schools they started to share their ticketing and other solution around the USA. 

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