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A Student ID Card That Never Needs To Be Reprinted

Students might leave their ID card at home, but you know they wont leave their phone at home. Digital Student ID cards are on their phone at all times.

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Do Away With Plastic Student ID Cards

Our digital student ID cards offer a myriad of benefits for both students and schools alike. Enhanced security features provide a robust defense against unauthorized access, safeguarding the school community. Plus, our solution reduces administrative burdens by streamlining the ID issuance and management process.


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What Are Some Key Features of our Digital Student ID




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Support All Major web browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox or Safari) , PC or Mac and IOS, Chromebook, Android

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What's Included

Pricing based on student count ranges. Small schools under 1,000 students, medium schools up to 2,499 students and large schools over 2,500 students.

Please contact for college or large organization pricing.

Educator Focsed, Educator Designed

Ben and Michael, two teachers from Anaheim, started Software4Schools to solve one simple problem.  How do we get rid of paper tickets for our school dances and use the student ID cards they already have.  

After an overwhelming success with their school dances and neighboring schools they started to share their ticketing and other solution around the USA. 

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