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Empowering Students to Participate In The Democratic Process. Student Body Elections, Surveys, and More!

Voting 4 Schools has Powered  21,842,792 Million  Students Responses* From Schools All Around The Country.

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Ditch the Paper!

Vote from their Mobile Devices

Online Voting mobile app

Built On Enterprise Servers

 Voting 4 Schools Has Been Trusted With 21,842,792 Million Responses

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The Student Body


Events / Dances


Stop counting ballots and running scantrons!  Get instant accurate results.  Create elections in minutes using our browser-based application or, the iOS app for iPhone/iPad.  Our apps were designed to be intuitive and easy to use. The application will calculate votes and validate that each student only votes once. When the election is over, all you have to do is login and view the results.

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Educator Focused, Educator Designed

Ben and Michael, two teachers from Anaheim, started Software 4 Schools to solve one simple problem.  How do we get rid of paper tickets for our school dances and use the student ID cards they already have.  

After an overwhelming success with their school dances and neighboring schools they started to share their ticketing and other solution around the USA. 

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