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Organizing high school events is one thing, but promoting them successfully is another. It can be challenging to host a successful event, yet it’s even more challenging to attract the wider community and draw the vast numbers required for successful fundraising.


However, high school events are fantastic for promoting your school, bringing the school community closer, building stronger bonds between staff and students, and raising important money for the school or local charities.

But how do you do it? Let’s find out!

1. Use Social Media

You might love social media; you might hate social media. Either way, it’s incredibly important for promoting a high school event. In fact, you must use social media to achieve the best results from your high school ticketing event.

Here are some ways you can promote your event on social media:

  • Post countdown stories on your school’s Instagram
  • Create an event page on Facebook and invite the local community
  • Post teasers on your social media pages
  • Use all social media platforms, including TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Create a hashtag
  • Design a custom AR filer for Snapchat or Instagram
  • Pay for social media ads
  • Post clips from highlights of previous events
  • Tweet visual testimonials
  • Create behind-the-scenes video clips and images on Instagram
  • Use SEO tactics on your social media pages

You might look at those ways and feel overwhelmed. Still, don’t worry: use only a few methods and you’ll see results.

2. Use Smart SEO Tactics

Many people in your local school community will use Google to find specific events around them. How amazing would it be if your event appeared on those search results? Can you imagine the interest that would create?

The answer is massive interest. And, most importantly, you can use SEO tactics to help promote your event on Google.

You can always hire an SEO consultant; they’re not always expensive if you look on Upwork. With that said, learning basic SEO concepts—such as keyword research—can help quickly boost your event.

3. Use Event Ticketing Software

Making your tickets effortless to purchase is essential when promoting your event. The old-school way of selling paper tickets is now inefficient and costly. Instead, you can use online ticketing software to make the process seamless.

Online ticketing software also helps you monitor the number of attendees, plan for the event, have the best security, and monitor the number of funds you raise. Parents can also share links to the digital ticketing system with other parents and create word-of-mouth marketing.

4. Sell Special Tickets

If you want to boost sales and promote your event, consider mixing up your ticket options. That’ll help to create urgency and word-of-mouth marketing. For example, have early-bird tickets, ticket bundles, and group tickets.

In addition, why not have VIP tickets? They’re excellent for raising more funds. Better still, selling special tickets is far easier when you use event ticketing software.

Promote Your Event With An Event Ticketing Tool Today

There are many ways to promote your high school event to the masses, but using digital ticketing software makes it far more comfortable. At Ticketing4Schools, we make managing your high school event far easier with our high school ticket program. Contact us to find out more!