Software 4 Schools - Engagement and Security

There are many things you need to consider when organizing high school ticket events. For example, you must hire the right team of staff, promote the event, handle the concerns of the parents, help fellow teachers, and ensure the school raises enough funds. 

However, there’s one thing that’s more important than anything: security.  

You must ensure maximum security for your high school ticketing events. With hundreds—if not thousands—of attendees, many things can go wrong. 

Here’s how an online ticket sales platform can prevent security issues:

1.You’ll Know The Precise Number of Attendees

It’s impossible to ensure maximum security if you’re unsure how many people will attend. And, let’s face it, it’s far harder to know the attendance without a school ticketing system. 

By using event management ticketing software, you can plan how much food and drink you’ll need, how many security guards you’ll require, and whether you need to use a bigger facility for your school event.

As a result, not only will you organize your event better, but you’ll also know exactly how high you need to raise your security levels.

2. You’ll Know Exactly Who’s Attending 

Unfortunately, troublemakers are everywhere. When you’re running a large-scale high school event, you may attract the wrong people. After all, high school events often have shops and various activities. 

If you have any troublemakers at your event, such as thieves, you have a better chance of tracking them by using digital ticketing software. They’ll need to detail their full name and address upon registration with high school ticket software, which can deter many troublemakers. 

3. You’ll Know Where Students Are  

It’s an excellent idea to keep a track of your students at a high school ticketed event. For example, you’ll know which students attend the event because of the online student check-in. 

If any students fail to check in, you can raise any necessary alarms. Better still, the parents will always know where the student is. 

4. You Can Hire The Correct Staff Numbers

One of the main ways to ensure maximum security at any high school-ticketed event is by having the right amount of staff at the event. As a result, they can control the crowds and help parents and students, thus reducing the chances of any security issues. 

What’s more, you’ll know whether you need to hire additional security staff. If your event has thousands of attendees, you may want to hire external staff to manage security and crowd control. However, this is all far easier when you use online ticket software. 

5. Handling Money is Safer and Easier 

One possible security issue is having parents pay with cash when they attend the event. You don’t want thousands of dollars lying around when you have a huge high school event. 

Instead, parents will pay for tickets online, meaning you don’t have to worry about theft and financial security issues. 

Ensure The Best Security Now 

An online ticket sales platform is essential for boosting security at high school events—regardless of the event. At Ticketing4schools, we have the perfect school ticketing system for maximum security. Contact us to find out more!