Software 4 Schools - Engagement and Security

Mobile tickets are the safest and most convenient way for students to buy and manage their tickets. Not only is buying tickets online incredibly convenient, but it’s safer for students. Selling tickets to students online eliminates the need for students to carry cash to school, which is often a disaster for younger children who tend to lose or misplace money. In addition, it adds an extra layer of security and protection for the purchase. If the students misplace the tickets, there’s a transaction record, and the tickets can easily be retrieved online.  Here are some of the main benefits associated with selling tickets to students for events and activities  online instead of in-person: 

  1. No Contact

Students can place orders online instead of having to visit a ticket office or special department physically. In a time when everything is going digital, students crave convenience. Giving students and parents the ability to buy tickets from their phones or mobile devices makes it easy. 

  1. Increased Attendance

Opening up ticket availability to students, parents, and other community members for sporting events or fundraisers can help increase attendance. The event can be shared online to increase exposure. The more exposure, the greater the attendance and ticket sales. If people can purchase via a link, they’ll be more inclined to do so rather than having to drive to a special location. Even if you offered tickets at the door. 

  1. Accurate Count

If you offer tickets online, you’ll know exactly how many have sold and can plan accordingly. Selling tickets online ensures you’ll have sufficient seating, food, etc. available for the event. You won’t have to worry about lost tickets or tickets that are unaccounted for because there is a clear record of every ticket online. 

  1. Reduce Responsibility 

Selling physical tickets in person means someone will need to collect the funds and hand out the tickets. If you’re using a cash box, it can end up lost, stolen, or misplaced. Managing funds, even for just a few hours, places a lot of responsibility on a person. There’s always room for human error, especially if they have other tasks and things on their mind. 

  1. Cut Costs

Eliminating physical paper tickets saves your school money on printing expenses. While paper tickets may not be incredibly pricey, the costs do add up, especially if you plan on customizing them, distributing them via the mail, or printing massive amounts. You’ll also need to have someone distribute the tickets and verify them. Electronic tickets are a cost-effective alternative. They’re instantly delivered to a student’s email address and they can download them on their phone to show in person or print from home. 

  1. Better for the Earth

Selling tickets to students online is better for the earth. Less printing equates to less paper and less waste. 

Additional Benefits 

  • They’re highly customizable
  • They can never be lost or stolen
  • Purchasing is convenient
  • Increased fraud prevention
  • Ability to reprint if needed